Racks and shelving systems

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Racks and shelving systems

Every racks and shelving system by Regaz company are characterized by a very high technic quality, fixity, load capacity and also the big dimensional offer.

Racks and shelving systems are made from first-class certify materials and they quarantees maximum lifetime thanks to their production technologies. We offer the racks and shelving systems in number of types. We also offer the free suggestion of optimal exploitaiton the warehouse´s places.

A) We can offer racks with plastic boxes, for stacking the small components, tilting transparent Praktiboxes or drawer system Multibox. Into the racks you can combine 3 sizes of plastic boxes and 5 colours of this boxes. This racks can be stationary (one-sided or double-sidded), mural or mobile.

Tilting praktiboxes are made from transparent polycarbonate. With this boxes can be create a mural, mobile, stationary or rotary rack system. Extensible containers Multibox are made with steel body

B) Shelving systems: This system is fit for stacking the wide number of cases, crates, boxes or bigger parts. Our shelving systems are easy mount, adjustable and fit for any workplace. Single types of shelving systems diferentiate by dimensions, shelves adjustability, load capacities, technic and coloured fulfilment, accessories quantity and also by the date of delivery.

C) Roller catchment conveyor: This racks are scores of the time used in automobile industry.

D) Mobile racks (movable, mobile, archival): Movable and mobile racks are made from mobile carriage with differrent types of racks (shelving, palette or console for stick material). The rack´s undercarts are moving on the rails on the floor (the manipulation with racks is very easy).

E) Extensible shelves: This shelves have a load capacity up to 1000kg. The forms are stacking on this shelves by crane, not by high-lift truck.

F) Palate warehouse - storage platforms: We can increase the racks with storage platforms if you have an enough free space. We also make a free suggestion of palate warehouses for every customer.

  • Racks with plastic boxes
    We offer the racks with plastic boxes stationary, mobile, wall, one-sided or double-sided. Highs are 1000, 1500, 2000 mm, widths are 740 and 1150 mm. Safety saved containers can easily except and backwards easily put on. The load capacity of one line is 25kg.
  • Transparent tilting containers
    We can offer wall, stationary, mobile, rotary tetrahedron or big cabinets with telescopic panels. The widths of moduls are 600 mm.
  • Extensible containers Multibox
    The depths of Multiboxes are 300, 400, 500 and 600 mm. They can be separate with transparent barriers.
  • Racks for containers and boxes
    Load capacity of every container is 50kg. Depths of racks are 350, 400, 500 and 600 mm.
  • Shelving systems
    We offer some types of professional constructional shelving systems. Lengths of shelves are from 500 to 2100 mm. Depths of racks are from 300 to 1300 mm. Load capacity of shelves are from 75 to 450 kg.
  • Roller catchment conveyor
    This is a high variable system which makes it possible to build bespoke racks.
  • Mobile archive racks
    This racks are fit for stacking the folders. They observes over 40% of warehouse free place.
  • Racks and forms
    Shelving system FAR is fit for stacking the heavy subjects. The load capacity of every shelf is 800kg (87% extension) or 1000kg (100% extension). The ideal forms expound is by crane.
  • Palate warehouse - storage platforms
    We produce this storage platforms on custom made, free suggestion.