Palate warehouse - storage platforms

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Palate warehouse - storage platforms

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With using the storage platforms grow large the stacking capacity of warehouse – the stacking ground multiples by a number of stages. Storage platforms are formed by a shelving system with operating flats and stairs.

H flat´s high – according to customers wish – usually from 1,8 to 5 m
h constructional floor´s high
l1,l2 column´s distance
L flat´s length – according to demand
B flat´s width – according to demand
D stair´s width – standard widths are 600, 800, 1000, 1200 mm
q flat´s load capacity – possibility to vote – usual charge 150 – 1500 kg/m2
n number of flat´s stages – usually from 1 to 3

Lighting under the flat – for stacking purposes is usual more than 100 luxes
- for a work under the flat is according to demand